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Circulars collection

Circulars to committees, groups, networks, trustees and sectors. Also to Branch secretaries, Section secretaries, and sub-section secretaries

Document type: Circular: Standard

There are 6 documents that match the specified criteria.

ID Document type Title Publication date
2020/00220 Circular: Standard Bullying and harassment of House of Commons Staff 18 February 2020
2019/01729 Circular: Standard Strategic Objectives Update NEC Nov 2019 03 December 2019
2019/00824 Circular: Standard TUC health and safety representatives award 24 May 2019
2018/02110 Circular: Standard Strategic Objectives 2019-2020 12 December 2018
2018/01879 Circular: Standard Judicial Review - Civil Service Pay Guidance 29 October 2018
2018/00740 Circular: Standard National Executive Committee Election Results 2018 01 May 2018